"Half of men in their 30s experience erectile dysfunction, contributing to the impotence crisis"

Half of men in their 30s experience erectile dysfunction, contributing to the Impotence Crisis.

Studies have shown that half of men in their 30s have trouble getting an erection. Surprisingly, study shows that people in this age group are most likely to have trouble keeping it up. 49% blame stress and 24% blame drinking too much. Because of this, almost third of people have broken up with their partner. Nearly half (43%) of men in the UK between the ages of 18 and 60 have impotence. Stress is the most common cause (40%), followed by tiredness (36%), worry (29%), and drinking too much (26%). Researchers asked 2,000 men for Coop Pharmacy. They found that men in their thirties are most likely to have erectile dysfunction, with 50% saying they have trouble getting or keeping an erection. Compare this to 42% of people in their 40s, 41% of people in their 50s, and 35% of people under 30.

UK Highest Rates Of Erectile Dysfunction

“Quality of Life is now an important area of research in medicine. Hence, there is a need to recognize the prevalence and consequences of erectile dysfunction, as to allow better support and interventions for these men.”

Lead author, Dr Mieke Van Hemelrijck, School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences at King’s said:

In fact, it’s been proven that men who suffer from ED experience more conflict with their partners and less intimacy than those who don’t have ED. But what if you’re in a relationship with someone who suffers from this condition? How should you approach talking about it? The first step is to understand what ED is and how it affects relationships. We’ll cover that here today!

It’s no secret that ED is an issue for many men, but it’s also important to recognize that ED can affect more than your sexual health. In fact, it can impact your relationship in many ways—including how you feel about yourself as a man, how you interact with the people you love, and even how you feel about the future.

In order to get a better understanding of how ED affects relationships, we spoke with two women whose partners struggle with ED: Jackie and Andrea. Both women had some similar experiences when it came to their partners’ battles with ED; however, they also had some unique perspectives as well.

If you’re experiencing ED, it’s important to talk about it with your partner and let them know how they can support you through the process. A good relationship involves being open about what’s going on and communicating honestly about what you need from each other. A bad relationship can involve avoiding these conversations altogether or blaming each other for problems instead of working together to solve them.

If left untreated, ED can lead to depression or low self-esteem as well as feelings of isolation and loneliness. Once again: don’t be afraid to seek help!

Medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

PDE-5 inhibitors, which constitute the primary type of medication, have been recommended to patients in order to enhance the circulation of blood to the penis.

These include:

So let us explore couple of Famous one

Sildenafil (Viagra)

Since its introduction in 1998 as the “wonder drug” that could help men with erectile dysfunction, Viagra has wended its way into popular culture, captivating both public and private spheres.

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Sildenafil, Viagra’s brand name available in the Market Eregra, Eriacta, Filagra, Filagra Soft, Penegra, Suhagra and Zenegra. It is also sold in Europe under the brand name Kamagra. Which quite a popuplar one as it come is Oral Jelly with different Faloviur

Tadalafil (Cialis)

Tadalafil is the Generic version of Cialis, but the same formula for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil contains Tadalafil 10, 20 and 40 mg (which is different in Cialis) and can be prescribed by your doctor based on your condition separately.

As mentioned above, Cialis and Tadalafil are really similar products that do the same thing. The main difference between them is the price tag. This means that if you have been prescribed a course of Tadalafil by a doctor, it’s likely to be insurance covered or cheaper than the price of Cialis.





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